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Debacterol Gets Rid of Canker Sores Fast

With one in five Americans suffering from canker sores, also known as oral ulcers, aphthous ulcers or mouth sores,  many people are looking for way to stop their canker sore pain fast. These lesions found inside the mouth, including the inner lips, cheeks, tongue, gum and roof of the mouth, often take up to two weeks to heal completely. Meanwhile  they can be extremely painful and interfere with talking, eating and drinking.

Debacterol stops canker sore pain immediately and promotes healingOne of the best  products you can use is one that you will need to get at your dentist’s office. The product is called  Debactoral. It will stop the pain immediately. It is a liquid topical treatment called a debriding agent that is extremely effective at stopping mouth sore pain. It cauterizes and seals the damaged oral tissue and aids in the healing process.

Stops Pain

The major benefit of Debacterol is the pain elimination. As soon as the liquid is applied the canker sore pain is stopped completely and healing time is dramatically reduced. Although it will sting for a second or two when initially applied,  the ulcerated area will be replaced with healthy tissue in approximately three days.

Debacterol contains 30% sulfuric acid (H2SO4), 4% phenol-sulfonic acid, and a 24% sulphonated phenolics compound and works by cauterizing the exposed sensory nerves in the ulcrt. It deadens the nerves, and lets the lesion area scab over. It eliminates the pain, which allows the mouth sore sufferer to resume eating and speaking without discomfort.

The product is a one-time application and only a tiny drop is required. It works by cauterizing the canker sore and healing begins immediately. For application you use a tiny Q-tip (smaller than the standard size) and you need to take care to apply it only to the ulcer, not the surrounding tissue, or you will cauterize the surrounding healthy tissue  as well.

Treatment Process

The ulcer should first be cleaned and dried with a Q-tip. The medication comes in sort of a hollow Q-tip and upon breaking the seal the liquid flows to the tip. Dab the swab to the ulcer including the red rim surrounding it for no more than 5-6 seconds then rinse thoroughly with either water or a mixture of baking soda and water. As the ulcer is cauterized, you will feel a sharp sting during the few seconds of application, but then the pain stops immediately and permanently. In most cases, the lesion is replaced by healthy tissue in about three to five days.

Debacterol  is by prescription only, so you have to either get the treatment at your dentist’s office or if he/she is willing to write you a prescription you can get it at a pharmacy for about $12 (without insurance).

Side Effects

Right after application the area will sting temporarily and you may feel some irritation, but it usually goes away quickly. If irritation persists, you can rinse your mouth with a  mixture of 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to one half cup of water to neutralize the acid. There are typically no other side effects, but if you notice others you should contact your dentist or pharmacist.

Before trying Debacterol for the first time, you should tell your dentist or doctor of any drug allergies or other allergies and any medications you are taking. Because this product contains sulfuric acid, it will damage fabrics and you should avoid contact with your eyes.

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