Canker Sore Treatment

Canker Sore Melts – Another Treatment Option

Featuring natural extracts like zinc, Vitamin B12 and menthol, canker sore melts and patches are another treatment option for those plagued with mouth ulcers to help relieve the pain and inflammation.

First off, you may be wondering just what a so-called “melt” is. Well in some cases it is a type of patch that you put over the ulcer and it slowly melts away over a period of hours. The melt or canker patch contains natural ingredients to help combat your sore, while the melt itself acts as a protective cover over your lesion to help prevent irritation from food or drink. There is also a disc that melts in about half an hour and contains vitamin B12 to help heal sores. The good thing about all these products is that they are made with natural ingredients and so won’t cause side effects.

Canker Melts – There are several different melts you can try.

Canker Cover Oral Canker Sore Patch is a popular canker sore melt. It is supposed to provide up to 8 to 12 hours of pain relief.  It is a small, hard white disk that forms a clear gel patch when applied to your oral ulcer. Unlike the CankerMelt product, this one has a mint flavor that is not unpleasant. The directions say that when applying it the area MUST be dry or it won’t stick. While it is a little bulky and awkward users say it works and is great at relieving the pain.  The canker cover ingredients may surprise you. They do not contain any anesthetics or numbing ingredients such as Benzocaine. The main relief comes from protecting the sore from irritation and bacteria. The effectiveness of this product depends on the location of the sore. For instance, a canker sore on the tongue would be rather hard to treat with a patch such as this as they wouldn’t stay on and it would be hard to talk or eat.

Another one to try is Ora Swift. This is a lozenge with PepzinGITM to support overall mouth health,  zinc to promote healing plus L-Carnosine. The directions suggest you place the lozenge on the affected area and allow it to dissolve, and repeat twice daily.

Avamin Melts is an all-natural product containing bioactic B12 (methylcobalamin )which is absorbed into the lining of the mouth. Vitamin B12 has been shown in several studies to significantly reduce the duration of mouth sores and in fact, this product can be used as daily prevention. Clinical studies conducted on Avamin Melts found that 77% of the subjects developed fewer ulcers, their pain was less and they healed faster.

This is not a patch that sticks to a mouth ulcer, rather you dissolve the small red disc in your mouth near where you typically get canker sores. The main benefit and use of the Avamin Melts is to relieve pain and speed the healing process. You should let it dissolve slowly over a period of 30 minutes and refrain from eating or drinking during that time. The recommended dose is one disc per day, although when first starting out, i.e. you have a new raging canker sore,  you should use three discs the first day.

People who have used Avamin Melts are very happy with the product and report that their sores heal much faster, three to four days instead of the typical 7-10 days. People also like the fact that the melts are not patches that have to stick to a spot in their mouth and that there is no aftertaste.

So you have some choices for different situations or preferences. One of these aphthous ulcer remedies is sure to work for you.

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