Canker Sore Treatment

Canker Sore Treatments: Aloe Vera Soothes

Aloe vera is one of my favorite canker sore treatments. In fact it is an excellent treatment for skin conditions of all kinds and is safe to take internally as well. In addition, it’s also easily available and affordable. Known as the “first aid plant,” aloe is very well researched. It is a succulent plant that likely originated in northern Africa. There are over 500 species of the plant and it grows worldwide. It is popular in herbal and alternative medicine and has been widely used topically for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Spaniards used the plant for years and ancient Egyptians recorded using the gel for treating infections and burns.

What is In Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel or juice can help soothe the pain of mouth soresWhile aloe vera is 99% water, it is that 1% that packs a powerful punch. There are several hundred ingredients or compounds found in the plant under the umbrella of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, saponins, lignans, anthraquinons and salacylic acid as well as 200 active plant compounds (phytonutrients) including enzymes, polysaccharides and others.

There are more than 200 scientific studies published on the plant’s uses. Aloe vera has been found to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungali properties and is known and used for its healing and soothing qualities. It is often used in cosmetics and skin care treatments and can help reduce inflammation – and with a canker sore you have plenty of that. It is frequently used to sooth sunburns and can help reduce pain pretty quickly. It can be applied topically, for instance, swabbed directly on a canker sore, or used as a mouth wash. The gel is a virtual first aid kit and in addition to being an excellent canker sore treatment it can help heal cuts and wounds, treat scrapes, burns and sunburns, stings and insect bites.

Where to Find It

The best way to get aloe vera is to grow a plant yourself. It’s easy to grow and you can either put it in the ground or in a container. It is good to have a plant on hand to help relieve the pain of a burn as well as a canker sore. Simply break off a leaf, slice it open and squeeze out the gel. If you don’t have a plant, your local health food store should carry aloe vera gel, but be sure to look for one that is pure without a lot of preservatives or additives.

How to Use It

You can apply the gel directly to your mouth ulcer using a cotton swab and repeat as often as you like. If you have a canker sore on your tongue or gum, aloe vera makes a good mouth rinse. Just swirl the liquid around your mouth and you will be coating your gums and tongue as well as the rest of your mouth with soothing relief and repeat as needed. This is a great canker sore treatment to promote rapid healing. The gel will help prevent your mouth ulcers from infection as it nourishes the tissues of your mouth.

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